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If you have pizza in India at a reputed brand outlet and have it in another country in the same brand, you will positively find a difference in the toppings. Taste of course is lip smacking no matter in which corner of the world you savor it. If you have a veg extravaganza in India, the toppings would be a blend of an overload of nutritious toppings like golden corn, jalapeno, succulent mushrooms, crisp capsicum, crunchy onions, juicy fresh tomatoes, and extra cheese. A double cheese margherita will be the same everywhere as it comes loaded with extra cheese. And if you have veg extravaganza in some other country, you will notice a slight difference in the toppings.

Pizza prices too differ from country to country. But yes, pizza prices in cities across India are almost the same though you may find a slight difference in the toppings again, especially toppings with seasonal vegetables. The taste of a veg extravaganza or double cheese margherita or any other pizza item at a brand outlet will be different from the same conventional types.
Are pizza prices high on the pocket? Of course not! Imagine yourself with a group of four feeling hungry and you want to have a proper meal without affecting your pocket! If you order the usual rice, chappati, daal, vegetables, paneer, etc., you will have to shed a good amount from your pocket. But this is not the case with pizzas; these will only fill your appetite besides making you feel happy because of the lingering taste and flavor!
Pizza Prices are low. For example, a veg extravaganza will cost you an extra Rs. 35 (regular), Rs. 45 (medium), Rs. 55 (large) with Rs. 150 (regular), Rs. 270 (medium), and Rs. 430 (large) for any of peppy paneer (paneer, crisp capsicum, red pepper), Mexican green wave (tomatoes, crisp capsicum, onions, jalapeno with sprinkling of Mexican herbs), deluxe veggie (capsicum, onions, golden corn, mushrooms, and paneer), and gourmet (black olives, golden corn, jalepeno, and extra cheese).

A double cheese margherita may cost you Rs. 105 for regular, Rs. 215 for medium, and Rs. 375 for large size. And yes, you can order pizza online too! If you are availing a coupon or related offer, pizza prices get discounted. No other companies other than Dominos lets food lovers buy pizza online. Blog posts and reviews carry appreciation about this company’s pizza online buying facility.

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Pizza Toppings and Prices

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This article was published on 2011/11/03