Pizza Oven Plan Variations

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Dont you ever wonder why pizzas taste so differently from one another? True, the ingredients have a lot to do with it but another big influencing factor is the way that it was cooked. If you have ever seen a pizza oven, you would have noticed that each one looks so different and that they are made with different materials. This greatly affects the way your pizza would taste. There are ovens that are meant to cook your pizza real quick and fast however if you want to taste the traditional pizza, it would have to be cooked slower. The different types of pizza ovens have differing pizza oven plans as well. These are some of your oven options that may affect your choice of pizza.

1.If you are after speed then a conveyer oven is the right type of oven for you. It evenly cooks pizza in just six minutes! It works by letting the raw pizza pass on a conveyor belt. Looking through the pizza oven plan of a conveyor, you will notice that the heat is produced by either electric powered coils or gas fueled flames. With a conveyor oven, your pizza will taste similarly to that of fast food because thats the type of oven that they use.

2.If you want your pizza to taste like an authentic Italian pizza, a wood burning oven is the way to go. This pizza oven plan reveals that the oven is made of either brick or clay and it uses either coal or wood as fuel. The temperature goes all the way up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and the whole cooking process will take time primarily because preheating the oven takes as much as 1 hour.

3.The next best option to a wood burning oven is deck ovens because the taste is closes to authentic Italian pizzas. The pizza oven plan shows stone is used to cook the pizzas. A lot of pizzerias who want authentic tasting pizza go for this because it is simpler to use and less expensive than wood burning ones.

4.If cost is your main concern, convection pizza ovens are for you. According to the pizza oven plan, it uses electricity to produce hot air that will cook the pizza. Today, it is the most cost efficient option. Of course, taste wise, nothing beats the wood burning ones.

5.I am sure that you know what a ferris wheel looks like. It goes round and round an axis which is found in the center. Looking at the pizza oven plan of a revolving tray oven would remind you of a ferris wheel. You load up the trays full of pizzas and these trays would revolve so that the heat would reach the pizza from all areas. Hence, it will be evenly cooked, just the way pizza should be.

The pizza oven plans have a lot to do with the taste of the pizza. It is up to you to decide which one suits your palette best.
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Pizza Oven Plan Variations

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This article was published on 2011/03/29