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A conference more like a round table that has investigated the changes that the profession has been the pizza and the expectations of those inside the go and eat pizza. Just because customer expectations are fundamental to assess developments in the field, not just pizza and pizza but throughout the industry both domestic and industrial mixers. One of the pizzerias in fact turns out to be an area full of news that is going through many changes to suit the tastes of the customers increasingly overcoming stereotypes and through a dynamic marketing and trends of international taste.

Competition becoming more fierce and pizza starts to become not only a place of dinners and lunches as well as entertainment where all senses are involved in a rewarding experience not only for the palate but for all the senses. This change also affects the role of "pizza", so integrated into the tradition, which must be transformed from a simple craftsman to the bearer of culture and customs contractor that monitors the quality of food and becomes manager and communicator of his business and activities to Inside you play. A qualification then it must push to acquire more and more professional items from the batch charger spiral mixers and everything you need in the kitchen of a local multi-purposeful.

And the carrier for this change must be found within what is proposed on the boards of the customer. The pizza from "poor man's dish" has become a delicacy unique and unrepeatable through the selection of raw materials and the ability to experience following the trends and mixing different styles of cuisine.

During the conference special attention was devoted to the treatment of the location, still a fundamental component of any eating place. A study supervised by POLI-Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano in charge of Design. A location that seems to be dyed in the future but at the same time stimulating new ways of understanding the experience of food beyond the food, making it a fun, emotional and emotional. Design environment and atmosphere that have replaced more traditional anchored in local tradition and able to meet the needs of a full evening with entertainment facilities, lounge bar, but also services as an aperitif, brunch.

Also important is the figure and the training of personnel involved in the preparation of the food itself. There were many considerations in the introduction of a real "European license of pizza" a real examination consists of theoretical and practical test that is designed to protect both the consumer and the quality of the product and can establish competence and professionalism that has the same operator on includes not only preparation but also on notions of power, use of mixing machines, food hygiene and administration in all its forms. Skills more than ever necessary to be able to better manage their business and to help to expand their business and expand in various fields.

Rules and standards that should be to influence the foreign market of pizza, a food most imitated and most affected by plagiarism that would be so protected under strict rules that make it possible to distinguish it from similar but not identical.

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Pizza meets professionals

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This article was published on 2010/12/01