Pizza Maker: Preparing Pizza from Scratch

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One of the most popular foods on the planet, pizza is often only enjoyed at eateries or via delivery. Assuming they had the time, correct techniques and quality recipes, many home chefs would certainly prepare pizza from scratch. Anyone can easily make pizzeria quality pizza at home using the right facts and techniques.

There are countless tested recipes in cookbooks - and on the internet - about pizza crust creation. In order to create a fantastic crust, you will need to incorporate specific ingredients in a specific sequence and at the appropriate temperatures. Incorporating sugar, salt, and yeast into the flour and then adding water is usually suggested by individuals who use a bread dough machine, but this will in most cases result in an second-rate crust. For optimum results, the yeast should be absorbed in heated water independently and added to the dry ingredients just after it has had an opportunity to correctly activate. Only around three minutes of kneading is necessary, and the dough will rise properly if covered lightly and positioned somewhere warm. Hand-tossing the dough afterwards is only for show; it does not create a better crust.

The finest pizza sauces tend to be cooked from fresh tomatoes that are stewed and pressed through a strainer. If you are using store bought sauce to prepare your pizza sauce, give some thought to flavoring it with garlic, oregano and fresh ground black pepper. It should be heated and cooked for only about 20 minutes, because longer cooking will ruin a lot of the tomato flavor.

Certain topping combinations don't taste right together. Most of us have experienced this; combos that work well have emerged over the last couple of centuries. Sausage, pepperoni, green pepper and mushrooms are clear combinations that work nicely, assuming the ingredients are fresh. Greek-style pizza with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and pine nuts is a delightful example of meatless pizza. To avert disaster and so everything finishes cooking at the exact time and properly avoid adding too many toppings to your pizza.

Try this strategy: bake the crust for about six minutes, or if you prefer, use a pre-baked crust from the store. Brush the sauce on the crust first, then add the toppings and cheese. To produce a pizzeria aroma, drizzle good olive oil over the crust prior to topping with ingredients and placing in the hot oven.

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Make a great tasting pizza in the comfort of your own kitchen with classic and contemporary pizza recipes plus tested methods for perfect results. Italian classics like Sicilian, Neapolitan, and Margherita or the famous deep dish or thin crust pizza can be produced in your own kitchen with the proper equipment and proper direction.

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Pizza Maker: Preparing Pizza from Scratch

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Pizza Maker: Preparing Pizza from Scratch

This article was published on 2012/02/04