Italian Pizza – Strangest Pizza Toppings Ever Tried

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Pizza has become a worldwide phenomenon. Countries from every corner of the globe have tried to come up with their own pizza flavors. This dish is no longer limited to pepperoni, tomatoes, and cheese. Now, you can even have basil leaves and caramelized onions as toppings. Still, these aren’t the strangest ones yet. But as strange as some of these are, many can still attest to the fact that the pizza tastes great. Hence, when it comes to making pizza, there are no rules to follow. Chefs and pizza enthusiasts felt the need to explore. In fact, visit pizza establishments, and you just might find yourself confused with what to choose from the menu.


Have you ever tried hamburger pizza? Or, have you been ever asked to take a bite and tasted maple syrup? As hard as this is to believe, people have come up with such crazy ideas. Just to give you a clue as to how extreme pizza recipes have become, here are some of the strangest toppings seen on the dish:


  1. Chocolate: For all the people with sweet tooth, this caters to your cravings for something sinful.
  2. Sushi: The Japanese food enthusiasts out there, this is a must-have.
  3. Fruits: Vegetarians aren’t just limited to the usual tomatoes and herbs. You can even add a little bit of cream on top to make it more interesting.
  4. Fried egg: Yes, you don’t need to put just chicken on your pizza when you love eggs.
  5. Maple syrup: If you’re big on breakfast food, why not go for this flavor?
  6. Happy meal: You don’t have to go to McDonald’s to get your nugget and cheese fix.
  7. Squid ink: For a taste of the sea, this might sound a little strange for many, but you can actually get the recipe from the net.
  8. Grape and port: Dousing a little bit of alcohol on your pizza is enough to beckon those who are looking for that certain kick.
  9. Caviar: Luxury isn’t limited to fine dining restaurants. In fact, you can put this expensive topping on your pizza instead of your crackers.
  10. Peanut butter: For the young at heart, you can even add jelly to it. Totally reminiscent of the all-time favorite snack.


So, if you’re craving for pizza, you can try all these or make one that you can call your own. After all, chefs may follow certain rules, but when it comes to cooking, what’s more important is the fact that it caters to your palate and that you truly enjoy what you’re having. You can even divide your slices and surprise yourself with how unique your pizza can be if you learn to experiment and explore.


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Italian Pizza – Strangest Pizza Toppings Ever Tried

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Italian Pizza – Strangest Pizza Toppings Ever Tried

This article was published on 2012/01/20