Italian Cuisine: Exploring Pizza Styles

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The Italian way of life is most associated with pizza. The first pizzas were made from leftover dough and pasta sauce in Naples Italy on the Mediterranean coastline, the location where the well-known dish finds its origins. The thin, basically crispy crust of a Neapolitan pizza was topped only with an herbed tomato based sauce and Mozzarella. While pizzerias still produce traditional margherita pizza, new gourmet delights have emerged to produce a challenge for chefs. Pizzas nowadays take the shape of various variations, which range from thin, crispy crust to deep-dish versions, typically affiliated with a certain area in the U.S.

Chicago Pizza

A thick wall of soft dough that forms a bowl for tomato sauce and toppings characterizes the Chi town style deep-dish pizza. This style typically necessitates a pan with two to three inch walls permitting the dough to rise during in the oven. A Windy city pizza produced in either a round or square pizza pan and has sufficient space for sauces and toppings. A related variety of pizza which allows denser toppings than deep-dish is stuffed pizzas.

New York Thin Crust Pizzas

When it comes to savoring their own style of pizza, New Yorkers have become experts. Intended to be folded and eaten as finger food, these pizzas are always fashioned with a thin pliable crust. To experience a NYC style pizza, no forks and knives are needed. Normally available "plain", with only cheese and sauce, pies are usually large, making it possible for wider pieces to be cut. Toppings for instance fresh tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, and sausage are perfectly suited for New York style pizza.

New Pizza Trends

A 10-20 inch baking pan is typically employed for preparing standard style pizzas. A favorite trend, extremely popular with households, is the small, mini-style pizza where every diner can decide on their own toppings. Mini pizzas might not have the true essence of full size pizzas, but they offer flexibility and convenience.

Really thin, crispy crust pizzas are a new variety that concentrates more on the toppings then on the pizza crust. Favored by gourmet chefs, these super thin versions that may include whole wheat or gluten free flour often appeal to trendy health-conscious consumers. Unconventional toppings such as bleu cheese, poached pears, garlic-roasted chicken, arugula, and smoked salmon highlight these pies that focus on innovative ingredients.

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pizza making has never been more popular or fun, whether your favorite style is thin crust or thick crust, piled high with toppings, or as simple as seasoned flatbread. You can start making pizza at home that rivals your favorite pizza spot when you start with a great pizza recipe.

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Italian Cuisine: Exploring Pizza Styles

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Italian Cuisine: Exploring Pizza Styles

This article was published on 2011/10/18