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What is the best diet pizza to consider trying?

Many people choose the pizza diet because they love pizza. There are many different diets a person can choose from, but the problem is that it's very hard to come across a diet that allows you to include your favorite foods in the mix. If you are one of those pizza lovers, then this diet should work in your favor.

Tell me more about this special diet.

Obviously pizza is the main foods you will be eating everyday. There are only two meals per day. Every meal will include one slice of pizza. You only eat one slice a meal because the goal is to eat less calories, or at least enough that will cause you to lose weight. Eating in portions is one key to making this diet work to your advantage.

What type of pizza to eat?

Now surely we are aware of different kinds of pizzas, such as homemade, Pizza Hut, frozen, Papa John's, etc. You can eat either one of these types of pizza, except the bagel kind.

While on this diet you shouldn't eat any slices that are full of cheese or meat like sausage or pepperoni. However, you can eat pizza with cheese on it, but not extra cheese. Other things you should include on your pizza is vegetables, like tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, peppers, etc.

Will this fill me up?

You can also eat fruits and vegetables on this diet until you're satisfied. Bananas isn't a good choice of food because it carries more calories than other fruits. Eat a big salad with your pizza with raw vegetables, and use olive oil for your dressing.

If two slices of pizza a day just isn't enough for you, then this diet more not be for you. I tried this diet one time and couldn't last long because I wasn't full, and eating an overload of fruits and vegetables is just boring, so I found a better diet plan that allows me to eat more of my favorite foods and still reach my goals quicker.

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Best Diet Pizza Ever - Fat Burning Pizza Diet

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This article was published on 2010/03/31